Iceland Vacation Guide – All you should know about this amazing island


You are now about to take a journey into one of the most fascinating places on earth. The destination is Iceland, and the goal is to go on an adventure you will remember for a lifetime! This travel guide is meant for tourists, or people just interested in Iceland in general. The best way to see Iceland is to do a  trip of the Golden Circle Iceland Everyone that is interested in traveling, should please take the time to read on, … Continue reading Iceland Vacation Guide – All you should know about this amazing island

Montreal Travel Deals and Vacation Packages

  Take the plunge to this goldmine of varied adventures!  An array of travel deals and vacation packages to Montreal offer a unique experience perfect for all tastes and budget.  Come and discover the splendor of the distinct New World urbanity with the blend of the romantic charm of European-flavored historic landmarks and Gallic sense of joie de vivre. Montreal is a city and port in east Canada, in Quebec on Monteal Island at the junction of the Ottawa and … Continue reading Montreal Travel Deals and Vacation Packages

Gangtok Tour Packages With endless valleys, a bounty of colorful flora and ancient Buddhist monuments, Gangtok is straight out of a fairytale. With diverse cultures and religions coming together to form the perfect mélange, the city is the perfect tourist destination that is welcoming and warm. As you enter Gangtok, you will be greeted by the many monasteries that dot this hill town. Each one of these have their share of anecdotes from yore to share and not to mention the amazing … Continue reading Gangtok Tour Packages

Italy Tour Packages Italy is a country whose name instantly evokes rich flavours, magnificent culture and history and beautiful scenery to the mind all in one go. There are many different facets of Italy you can explore on your next trip, be it the food, the wines, the countryside or even the architecture. Any theme you choose to concentrate on is sure to delight you. Fortunately, there are many Italy Tour Packages out there which give you exactly that option and flexibility … Continue reading Italy Tour Packages

Lakshadweep Packages With coral islands that boast of white sands and palm fronds, Lakshadweep makes the perfect tropical vacation spot—whether you’re alone, with family or friends, or with your significant other. What’s amazing is that most of these islands—except for 10—are uninhabited, so you can definitely get the peace and quiet that you need. But of course, if it’s your first time in Lakshadweep, you might be confused as to where to go and what to do. However, you need not … Continue reading Lakshadweep Packages

Tourist Places in Kerala Kerala is a destination of choice mostly for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Which is not to say that this is a haven for extreme sports; rather, that the appeal of ‘God’s Own Country’ lies in exactly that – god’s creations. Although there are some excellent tourist places in Kerala such as the many temples that one can visit, and Kerala also happens to be home to the oldest mosque in India – the Cheraman Juma Masjid in Thrissur … Continue reading Tourist Places in Kerala

Kashmir Tour Package A paradise on earth. A naturally beautiful mix of flora and fauna.  Great eateries, shopping streets, and an all around exuberant vibe: these are just some of the things that make up Kashmir, one of the most incredible places in India that you can visit. However, it can be tricky to find the right Kashmir tour package for you—but don’t fret for we are here to help you curate the best and most unforgettable tour you can ever ask … Continue reading Kashmir Tour Package

Himachal Tour Packages Literally meaning “The Land of Snow”, Himachal surely is one of the most interesting places you will ever get to set foot on while on earth. With the exquisite beauty of the Himalayan Range surrounding it, you can expect that your visit there would be a good rendezvous with nature—and all that it has to offer. And you know what? We have the perfect selection of Himachal Tour Packages for you to choose from. A Tour of the Snow-Capped … Continue reading Himachal Tour Packages

Tourist Places in South India When one thinks of South India, it is easy to picture someone relaxing on a long stretch of white sand while enjoying a great view of the sea. Being bordered by the Indian Ocean in the south, the Arabian Sea in the west, and the Bay of Bengal in the east, it’s no wonder why South India has been easily linked to its picturesque beaches. However, there are other tourist places in South India that have yet to be … Continue reading Tourist Places in South India

Shimla Tour Package Known to have possibly the best climate in all of India, and with breathtaking mountains, magical lakes, and gorgeous views all around, Shimla surely proves to be one of the most fascinating places to visit in India—and even the world! With stunning scenery, you would have such a great time in Shimla, and to make sure that that happens, why not take our great Shimla Tour Package? There are various choices you can try, and here’s a guide that … Continue reading Shimla Tour Package

Langkawi Tour Package Mention Langkawi and a lot of people think about forests. Isn’t Langkawi mainly renowned for its beautiful rainforests? That’s true. But only partly. Because the rainforests flank one of the most beautiful island clusters in Southeast Asia. Langkawi is a beach bum’s hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. An archipelago of 99 islands, there’s enough virgin untouched, unexplored beaches that will awe you with its white sand and turquoise waters in the backdrop of the dense green forests. It’s … Continue reading Langkawi Tour Package